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Dr. Sven F. Crone is Assistant Prof. at Lancaster University

 Your lecturer, Dr. Crone, is deputy director of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting, one of the world’s largest research units dedicated to forecasting. With a PhD in neural forecasting, he frequently speaks at international conferences and runs forecasting competitions. Sven regularly teaches forecasting, both at university, in practitioners courses and in tutorials for IBF and IEEE CIS. He has over 8 years of corporate experience, having consulted with companies incl. retailer Tesco UK, manufacturer of FMCG Beiersdorf GER, Chemicals producer Celanese USA, copper producer Codelco Chile, and insurance AXA Switzerland etc


Sven is also CEO of BIS3lab, a young university spin-off company founded to develop professional software specifically for time series prediction and forecasting with artificial intelligence and advanced statistics. BIS3lab products and services are sold by the German RSG GmbH, founded in 1989 in Hamburg. [Read more ...]

 Forecasting Centre Activities

Tutorial held at the 2009 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'09), Atlanta, USA

"Time Series prediction with artificial Neural Networks: applications, tricks of the trade and empirical evidence"

Workshop held on Sunday, June 14, 4:00PM-6:00PM, Peachtree Ballroom E
Official webpage:

Download Presentation Download the IJCNN'09 Workshop Presentation (click on button)
(if you forgot the workshop password please contact

Artificial neural networks (NN) have revolutionized the way researchers and practitioners solve complex, real-world problems in business, finance, economics, and engineering. Today, NNs are being routinely used by specialists in a wide range of predictive tasks such as forecasting electrical load, financial data, consumer packaged goods in retail and supply chain management, call volumes in call centres etc. However, their modelling and specification requires expert knowledge often not available in companies.  We are pleased to announce  short, 2 hour tutorial on time series prediction and forecasting to be held at the 2009 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'09) organised by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, in Atlanta, USA.


Course design: The course will be 2 hours of maths-lite lectures and hands-on demos using a free NN software simulator, which we will make available to you after the course. We will pay particular attention


Target audience: Whether you are an engineer, financial analyst, researcher, or student, the course is designed to provide you with an introduction to basic and advance issues in modelling neural networks for time series prediction, and help you acquire the knowledge, the skills and the competence you need to utilize this cutting-edge technology for solving predictive problems. You will be exposed to the theoretical concepts and hands-on applications of NN. The hands-on format will allow you to follow the course even without a sound mathematical or statistical background. Even if you are already familiar with ANN, you will learn tricks-of-the-trade from the trainer's experience and past forecasting competitions.


Course Coverage: History of neural networks in forecasting, specifying neural network architectures (number of layers, number of nodes, feedback etc.) for forecasting, Applications of neural networks in function approximation, linear and nonlinear time series prediction, hands-on examples in time series and causal modelling, Fundamentals of time series forecasting, Modelling neural networks for smoothing and regression, Evaluating Neural Network forecasting accuracy, Out-of-Sample Empirical Design of Neural Network Experiments


Software to be used: Intelligent Forecaster offers the first industry-grade software (made in Germany) developed exclusively and specifically for  time series forecasting with the most up-to-date and advanced methods from Artificial Intelligence: Support Vector Regression (SVR) and artificial Neural Networks (NN). These allow unprecedented accuracy from nonlinear, data-driven and non-parametric prediction. The software provides various expert features (i.e. input-variable & lag-identification, data-preprocessing, ensembles) for multiple forecasting horizons across fixed forecasting horizon, rolling origin evaluation across a set of multiple error measures). [Read more ...]


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Alternative Tutorials

3-day Tutorial in ZA

17.-19. September 2009
We will present a tutorial using Intelligent Forecaster (IF) to be held for 3-days in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in conjunction with the 2009 Annual Conference of the Operations  Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA)[read more]

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